Advisory Opinion Request

$ 150.00
An advisory opinion is an opinion issued by a court or a commission like an election commission that does not have the effect of adjudicating a specific legal case, but merely advises on the constitutionality or interpretation of a law. (source:

An ICVA Advocate will compile the necessary documents provided by you, to file an Advisory Opinion with the agency or organization of your choice as agreed upon by you and the ICVA member advocate. The ICVA member advocate will request the agency or organization opine on a specific legal topic, such as:

Filing an Advisory Opinion request with the Department of State, requesting the Department of State determine whether the individual who had previously been issued a visa, should have in fact, had their application denied, had the Department of State been granted access to all pertinent information which is now available to them (ie. evidence of fraud, wrongdoing, ulterior motive, wrongful intent, criminal activity, other activity which would rend the immigrant inadmissible)

The Advisory Opinion is performed by the ICVA member advocate and on behalf of the member advocate. The opinion will be signed by the member advocate and any correspondence returned to the member advocate. However, the member advocate will then provide you with a copy of the response to the request, for your own use. ICVA member advocates cannot guarantee the results of the opinion, nor can they force an agency or organization to grant the opinion requested. However, the ICVA member advocate will take all action available to them to attempt to obtain the opinion even when the agency or organization may refuse while taking into consideration all circumstances including but not limited to the ICVA member advocate's abilities and financial resources. This may (or may not) include actions such as: filing complaints, appeals, lawsuits, mediation, etc. in an effort to obtain the opinion requested.

For education on Department of State Advisory Opinions and how individuals can file their own advisory opinions see our members area here


 *ICVA Member Advocates are not licensed attorneys, do not practice law in any way shape or form, do not offer legal advice and do not tell victim's what to do. Victim Advocates provide education and information, from which the victim may make his or her own choices in conjunction with the required guidance and advice from his/her own attorney of choice.