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Some other items your membership fee supports and returns benefits on a larger scale!:

-Lobbying Efforts. A large part of having influence in Washington is getting information to those with the power to make change. At ICVA we engage in our own lobbying efforts as well as contract with 3rd party vendors when financially possible, to ensure ICVA and individual Immigration Crime Victims' interests are presented to those with the power to create change.

-Projects. ICVA is always working on new projects, whether that be educational videos, online materials, speaking presentations, meetings, events, fundraisers, litigation efforts etc. The list is endless. All of these efforts have the potential to help ICVA gain a greater presence among other large donors and policy makers.

-Litigation funding. ICVA donates to litigation effort which will have an impact on a large group of individuals. In other words, ICVA does not fund individual cases, unless those cases would have an impact on other cases, such as overturning a previous case, or establishing a precedent. It is within Immigration Crime Victims' interest to have these issues already resolved through the courts in order to navigate the system more efficiently and at a lesser or no cost.

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